General Group Class Info

All classes are 5 weeks in length

Full 60 minutes each week.

In 2020 City Dog Levels 1-3  total cost is $95 for the 5 weeks. City Dog 4 total cost is $105 for the 5 weeks.


We believe in having a touch point with each client to ensure you choose a class experience that will support and challenge you and your dog. This is why your registration is done via email or phone, not via an online form.


Registration Instructions

1.  Determine which class you want. If you have questions just email!

2.  Email or send proof of vaccinatin requirements to our office. Your vet can also take care of this.

3.  Complete and email the Pet Profile. This provides us with information about you and your dog(s), and      

     gives you information about our expectations. Instructions: open file, 'save as', email to




Required Vaccinations

DHLPP (Distemper virus, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza)      



*It's best practice for puppies to have started their age-appropriate vaccination series by Week 1 of class. However we understand some puppies and dogs have unique health needs. Feel free to call/email to discuss. Taproot will also work with clients who wish to use titers. 

City Dog Level 1

$95.00 — 5 Weeks

[Open to all puppies & dogs] This 60 minute class covers all the basics you'll need for a solid foundation to train your dog. 

Explore what motivates your dog and learn how breed, genetics, and your dog's previous history can inform your training strategies.  Learn techniques to help with crate training, bathroom training, impulsiveness, attention-seeking, and mouthing.  Type and timing of praise is critical--learn why!  Experience how the use of training gear (i.e. harnesses) can make your and your dog's lives easier! Whether you've had your puppy or dog since s/he was young or if you just adopted/rescued, this class is a great start to training!


Site: North Paw, LLC (2320 Mustang Way, Madison)

Start dates:  Saturday, December 5 @ 9:30am (class meets Dec 5, 12, 19, Jan 2, 9)

City Dog Level 2

$95.00 — 5 Weeks

[Open to dogs who have taken at least 1 training class at an area training company or to dogs that already have basic skills from home-teaching. We take the basics you learned in your first class and build on them with a variety of useful new cues including Stay and Wait. In this 60 minute class we'll teach you why Wait is one of the best cues to use in various situations, and we'll address common problem areas such as jumping and impolite greetings. This class graduates well-rounded dogs and their humans who have a newfound confidence!

Site: North Paw, LLC (2320 Mustang Way, Madison)

Start dates:  Saturday, December 5 @ 9:30am (class meets Dec 5, 12, 19, Jan 2, 9)

City Dog Level 3

$95.00 — 5 Weeks

[Open to dogs who have taken at least 2 training classes at an area training company]Where the paws meet the sidewalk (weather-permitting)! This is a 60 minute intermediate-level, dynamic class that focuses on handling skills and when weather appropriate, practicing basic skills outside. We also proof the more challenging cues such as Stay, Leave It, and Recalls.


Site: North Paw, LLC (2320 Mustang Way, Madison)

Start dates:  Saturday--EMAIL WITH INTEREST

City Dog Level 4

$105 — 5 Weeks

[Open to dogs who have previously taken an intermediate-level class at an area training company]This is a 60-minute advanced-level class. Take your skills to new, impressive levels!  This is a part traveling class where we test your dog's skills in real life situations including parks and local favorite dog hot spots. We will work on skills and cues you've learned throughout your previous classwork and build the challenge levels through real life situations. Part of this class involves travel and work in local shops and in parks. Learn how to successfully and mindfully manage your dog's behavior in even the most challenging scenarios. This class is a fun and novel way to continue your training relationship with your dog in a supportive environment.

Site: Various around Madison (Week 1 meets at North Paw, 2320 Mustang Way)


Private-Invitation Workshops


[Open to Taproot graduates. Non-reactive dogs only please]


Offering invite-only workshops is our way of saying THANK YOU to you! Join us for various topics as we learn, have fun, and help you to continue to grow with your dog! Workshops range from Scent Work, Polite Greetings, Tricks, Recalls, Dog Park Skills, and more! 


Have an idea for a workshop? Share it with us!!


Email to Register.

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Cancellation Policy
We understand that unforseen situations occur. And, we keep our training classes to small sizes which means we need all clients to show up for the specific class they registered for. Clients who contact us to cancel a space 6 full days prior to the start date of the class will receive a credit for the same class (or similar--this is at the discretion of Taproot) in a future round of classes for the same dog.  Clients who contact us less than 6 days in advance are expected to submit full payment for the class for which they registered.

Student Discount

Students have limited resources and really care about their dogs. In an effort to encourage & support these (often first-time) pet parents in taking classes we offer a $5-off student discount for currently enrolled Madison College, UW-Madison & Edgewood College students. Must mention at time of sign-up for discount to be considered. The spirit of this discount is for students who are the legal guradians of the dog only. 

Foster Family Discount

We recognize:

  • Foster families play a critical role in caring for a dog who is waiting to be adopted.  

  • Costs for foster dogs are often incurred by the foster families.

  • Teaching foster dogs basic obedience skills can make them more marketable to potential adopters.


Individual Class -- $65 (+ $10 travel fee for travel inside Madison)

Group Obedience Class (City Dog Levels 1-4) -- $15/week

*Current Group Class may be continued by adopter for same rate to allow for all 5 weeks at foster rate.


We do not expect anyone to bring the latest & greatest leashes, harnesses, etc... to class. In fact this isn't necessary at all, though we will talk about how these things can make your and your dog's lives easier in many ways.


Please bring a regular leash (non-retractable) and collar to class, as well as any harnesses you might already have that you would like to work with.


*We do not allow aversion collars (i.e. choke & shock collars) or any other devices that train via force, fear/intimidation, or pain. This includes any electric collars that are on the vibrate setting or spray collars. If you have specific questions about this please call or email and we'd be happy to talk with you.


Missed Classes & Graduation

Taproot classes are created to be both fun and educational. Since classes are only 5 weeks in length we encourage all dogs/humans to be present for at least 4 of the 5 weeks of class. Otherwise, you will miss significant material and you and your dog may not be ready for the next level of class. We do not offer make-up classes. If your dog appears ill or has been confirmed ill, please do not bring your dog to class. You however are still encouraged to come so that you can bring the knowledge and training skills home. It's actually fun and very eye-opening to be in class without your dog!