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What We're About

We are proud to abide by nationally recognized training standards: Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA). Taproot was started to help meet the modern & realistic needs of dogs and their humans in the Madison area. These realities include limited resources including time and finances. We believe in PARTNERING with clients & focusing on the strengths they possess and delivering training that is efficient and cost-effective. And, we believe in PARTNERING with other animal & dog-related businesses.




About the Owner

Laura is a nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer. A native of Pennsylvania, Laura earned a B.A. in Sociology in Philadelphia &

an M.A. in Student Affairs in Higher Education. After working for 3 years at the University of California Santa Barbara and then the

University of Wisconsin-Madison for 11 years, Laura opened Madison's first dog daycare and boarding business focusing on

smaller dogs and cats. North Paw is the teaching site and home for Taproot Dog Training's classes. 


Laura is the pet parent of Timbre (9lb Terrier/Chihuahua mix), Jeta (3lb Yorkie Terrier), and 3 former foster kittens-now 

forever cats: Tilly Riser Squirrel, seeing impaired Badu Riser, and Blazer. Laura's personal interests include 

animal husbandry by being a foster parent for neonatal kittens.

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Partner Trainers & Vet Allies
Taproot collaborates with experienced trainers and local vets to help find the best training and behavioral solutions for our clients, with a focus on building partnerships across resources.

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