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What we know

  • The American Veterinary Medical Association publishes statistics on U.S. Pet Ownership. The #1 pet animal in U.S. households is dogs, followed closely by cats.

  • There are many homes where dogs and cats live together.

  • Socialization and exposure between dogs and cats is most helpful when done when the animals are young.

  • Neonatal kittens comprise a large population of underserved animals. Part of this is due to sheer quantity; cats have litters with multiple kittens. Also, neonatal kittens require an advanced level of knowledge, care, and time.

What we believe

  • Taproot Dog Training believes that it is important to introduce puppies/dogs and kittens to one another early in life. This increases the probability of positive transitions in the home between animals, and it reduces the likelihood of surrendering pets due to incompatibility.

  • Cats and dogs will not always be able to 'work it out' on their own without human intervention. Many serious injuries and fatalities have occurred as a result of this logic. Taproot is here to help you to train the animals and environmentally manage the situation. 

How we prepare

  • Taproot's owner (Laura) grew up with both dogs & cats in the home and now formally fosters neonatal kittens through Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) & the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin.

  • Laura has gone through advanced training led by DCHS's top veterinarians to learn how to care for these youngsters.

  • Practice and more practice! 

How Taproot students are involved

  • Current and former Taproot students are empathetic animal lovers and want to participate in helping these young foster kittens. They also value the opportunity to expose their puppies & dogs to the kittens.

  • When opportunities for introductions arise, we take advantage of this in class. We are very intentional and mindful in how we help the animals meet, keeping the interactions positive at all times.

Fostered Kittens

Badu (single)                                                          Asher & Binx (littermates)

Rally (single)                                                          Hemi & Remi (littermates)

Fetch (single)                                                         Prince & Fielder (littermates)

Niblet (single)                                                         Paisley & Parker (littermates)

Angelo (single)                                                       Quest & Odyssey (littermates)

Weeble (single)                                                      Piccolo & Fratello (littermates)

Evers (single)                                   ​                      Mouse & Houdini (littermates)

Opal (single)

Blazer (single)

Splat (single) 

Tova (single)               

Harper (single)

Bel (single)       

Evers (single)               

Blazer (single)         

Echo (single)

Gusto (single)

Claude & Roo (2 singles introduced)  

Hayes & Munchy (2 singles introduced)

Matilda & Painter (2 singles introduced)

Broadway & Tilly Riser (2 singles introduced)


"Furnace Kittens": Siren, Ember, Ashe (littermates)

"Constellation Kittens": Taurus, Aires, Pi (littermates)

Bebop, Chula Bop, Grayson, Moto, Dozer (littermates)

"Tree Kittens": Elm, Maple, Hickory, Birch (littermates)

"Orchard Orphans:" Connell, Cort, Ida, Pippin (littermates)

"Sewing Kittens": Buttons, Zippi, Hemsworth (littermates)

"Tropical Kittens": Konani, Noni, Mako (single + littermates)

"Mountain Kittens": Denali, Fuji, Everest, Tate, Hubley (littermates)

"Snack Kittens": Chex, Ritzy, Reese, Milano, Rolo, Nilla, Nougat (littermates)

"Water Kittens": Tallu, Hurley, Waverly, Ridley, Nixie

"Wood Pile Kittens: Teak, Apsen, Neem


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