Prior to booking a board and train program anywhere it is critical that pet parents understand what this is and what behaviors are best addressed in this setting. Board and train programs are a perfect starting point (or re-start) for getting your puppy or dog on the road to success. Your dog is dropped off at our partner business, North Paw, LLC and a certified professional dog trainer works directly with your dog toward achieving your training goals. 


Board-and-train programs do not 'fix' dogs, as dogs are thinking, breathing beings who make choices. We help your dog to understand what the better choices are. What 'success' looks like is different with each dog and takes time. Think of it this way: if your dog has been jumping on your guests for 5 months, it could take some time to help the dog unlearn that behavior and learn what is appropriate.


Examples of behaviors addressed in Board and train programs:

  • Polite Greetings (not jumping at people)

  • Basic cue work such as Sit, Down, Wait, Stay, Recall (calling dog to come), Leave It, Focus cues

  • Polite Leash Walking


Behaviors such as house training, crate training, and counter-surfing are best addressed in an Individual Class, as these are often environmentally-specific training issues. Sometimes management is priority over training, in which case we need to work within your home setting.


Research supports the idea that aversion training (i.e. shock collars) not only do not teach a dog but rather does a great deal of harm and can have disastrous and lethal outcomes. Taproot uses positive reinforcment methods only, which is supported by nationally accredited training and behavioral organizations. We abide by Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA). If you meet a training company in the Madison are that states otherwise please use extreme caution.



Taproot utilizes boarding at North Paw, LLC for board and train programs, located at 2320 Mustang Way, Madison. Your dog may participate in daycare at North Paw as long as all health and behavioral expectations at North Paw, LLC are met. 



All health and behavioral requirements listed under North Paw, LLC apply to all board and train participants. See "Daycare" tab for details.



Both a Taproot Dog Training Pet Profile and a North Paw Dog Profile are completed by the dog owner. 



$100/day. Rate includes boarding fee ($40) and daycare if appropriate.


Payment & Cancellation Policy

All payments are required in full and at the time of drop off. Cancellations must be made 7 days in advance otherwise full payment is due.